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Helping people live more present, joyful, and fulfilled lives. 

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About BTG

Hi, there! Thanks for stopping by. We are Taylor and Miranda Lionnet, husband and wife super-team who started Breathe Think Grow with the purpose to help all people live more present, joyful, and fulfilled lives. 

Together since we were juniors in high school, we have shared every life change and transition. From graduating high school to becoming leaders of teams and parents of children. Through years of inner work and self-reflection, we both realized  it is our purpose to utilize our strengths to help people learn, grow, and navigate the complexities life brings. 

We boast 20 years of experience across a range of industries including public relations, advertising, digital media, graphic design, healthcare, and technology. In our company, we integrate the knowledge, skills, and abilities developed over our careers with our training and education received in project management, industrial-organizational psychology, and life coaching. 

Together we design and deliver transformative experiences that unlock peoples' potential, while carefully measuring and implementing processes and systems that enable people to work with clarity and confidence.  

Meet the Team

What We Do

Stand out during your career search with a professionally updated resume and LinkedIn

Immersive workshops provide the mindsets, habits, and routines that promote development

A powerful experience where social connection and collective learning lead to long-term growth




Develop clarity, calm, and confidence as you navigate career and life changes


Grow Together

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